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Andrés Pérez is a photographer and visual artist,based in Bogota, Colombia.

In 2019 they migrated to Bogota-Colombia and this trip coincided with the decision to start their photographic career.

As a diverse and migrant person, their work focuseson gender, identity, memory, binary violence and queer bodies,

especially in Latin American territory. They address other themes related to the anti-patriarchal narrative and the

deconstruction of the heteronormative with the interest of preserving a more diverse memory. As storytellers,

they not only have the need to narrate about others, they are also interested in speaking from an intimate and

autobiographical place.


His photographic languages are portraiture, documentary narratives, fashion and expanded photography.

This visual hybrid is the result of the union between his creativity and political interests.

In 2023 the project Dead Family was the winning story of Pride Photo and was recognized in 

Picture Of the Year Latam in the category "re-signifying archives". They won a Prince Claus Seed Awards in 2023.


Exhibited in Paris, Amsterdam, Germany, Italy, Norway, Slovenia, Japan, Malaysia, Argentina, Colombia and Venezuela. 

Published in: Der Greif, Vist Projects, Lenscratch, Foto Femme United, Canon Latam, DW Español,

Organización Nelson Garrido, Cinco 8 y El Universal.

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