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When we migrate there is a doubling of the body, the house and the memory. The road will be long and although the landscapes will give us a glimpse, we will discover

that to look with clarity is to pay attention to the diffuse.

As we migrate, everything unfolds and is revealed; the house becomes a sky, the body is a map and memory is no longer a safe place for memories.

When we are born we are arbitrarily assigned a homeland, a body, a gender. All these impositions are susceptible to migration. When we leave a country, that gesture

forces us to let go of almost everything: memories, frequent places, embraces and the old idea of living definitively in one place, one identity, one way of seeing.

Migration is a specter, the image is surrounded by elements of childhood. This apparition is presented as a delirium of the past: the light of the mother's house, the window of the adolescent room, mom's favorite flowers.  When we migrate, we cross a limbo in which we are alive in some places and dead in others.

Espectros is a celebration of identity. To the body as a refuge. To resistance. To destiny. We are suspended dreams, geographies and ambiguities.

Exhibition | Santander Photographic Encounter, Colombia

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