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(2023 - ongoing)


How many stories are happening while ours is happening?

1992. A failed coup d'état.

1993. I was born beating my mother's womb.

1995. We made history with the fourth crown and Venezuela became a universe.

1999. The arrival of a future dictatorship and a new century.

Shots. Crowns. Military. Misses.

The weight of a woman cannot be equal to the weight of a man, which weighs more? 

A family that watched on TV the political violence and in parallel the opening of Miss Venezuela.

A military society, sometimes with guns, sometimes with heels. 

Growing up in the midst of these military stereotypes reaffirmed the binary regime and the culture of violence.

Dead Homeland revisits history to understand militarization and its pervasive power.

Venezuela is the country with the second most Miss Universe crowns and currently leads among the 32 countries in the world that live a dictatorial regime.

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