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Awards and Honors

2024. Selected. Photo Vogue, 100 artists from Latin America Panorama.

2024. Selected. New York Times Portfolio Review.

2024. Spotlighted. Photo Vogue.

2024. Runner-up. World Press Photo Joop Swart Masterclass.

2024. Nomine. Foam Paul Huf Award.

2024. Nomine. British Journal of Photography, Ones to Watch.  

2024. Selected. Der Greif. Guest Room: Nadine Henrich & William Camargo.

2023. Selected. Der Greif. Guest Room: Daniel Boetker-Smith & Tanvi Mishra.

2023. Winner. Prince Claus Seed Award.  

2023. Honorable Mention. POY Latam. Resignifying Archives Category.

2023. Winner. Pride Photo Award. Stories Category.

2022. Selected. Foto Feminas Portfolio Review.

2021. Selected. Carol Körting, Photo Editor Leica, Portfolio Review.

2021. Winner. XII SNC, Espacio Anna Frank. Single Photo Category.

Solo Shows

2024. Dead Family. Kranj Foto Fest (coming soon).

2023. Dead Family. Exposure+ Photo (Malaysia).

2022. Espectros. Santander Photographic Encounter (Colombia).

Collective Shows

2024. PhMuseum Days (coming soon).

2023. Pride Photo (Netherlands, Paris and Japan).

2023. Creadores de Imágenes X CHACO, Migra Fair (Argentina).

2023. Bodily Autonomies, Queer Festival (Germany).

2022. Preus Museum (Norway).

2021. XII SNC, Espacio Anna Frank (Venezuela).


2024. Participant. Making sense of stories by Gisela Volá.

2023. Participant. Estrategias Creativas workshop by Julia Sbriller.

2023. Participant. Oveja Negra workshop by Erick Pérez.

2022. Fellow. Creadores de Imágenes, coordinated by Manuela Uribe.

2021. Participant. Conversatorios CAMPO.

2021. Fellow. Semillero Migrante Program, founder by Fabiola Ferrero.

2021. Participant. Fashion Stylist workshop by Mima Zamall.

2017. Artes, Mención Cinematografía, Universidad Central de Venezuela.



2024. Lenscratch. Queer Artists Week by Vicente Isaías.

2023. Vist Projects. A discomfort in memory by Marcela Vallejo.

2022. Canon Latam. Fashion and documentary narratives by Kika Pérez.

2022. DW Español. Migrating to a new life by Felipe Abondano.

2021. Cinco 8. Neither male nor female by Armando Díaz.



2024. Coordinator. Creadores de Imágenes Latinoamérica y Bogotá.

2024. Workshop Leader. Women Photographers History Scholars.

2022. Coordinator. Semillero Migrante Program.

2022. Workshop Leader. Santander Photographic Encounter.

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